Ahmad Shirani, the owner of  ‘Wholesale Carpet Repair and Cleaning,’ has been trained in Iran, and has had over 45 years of diverse experiences repairing and cleaning carpets.  He has worked on carpets in different places, including Dubai, Italy and the United States.  His experience includes all variety of oriental rugs, including Afghan, Turkish, Tibetan and Chinese.   Mr. Shirani does the majority of the work himself and oversees the quality of the repairs for each project done by his team of carpet repair experts and cleaners.

Wholesale Carpet Repair and Cleaning specializes in a variety of repairs:

·      Animal odors, accidents, etc.

·      Straightening crooked carpets

·      Burns

·      Water damage

·      Color fading

·      Color bleeding

·      Wear, over time

·      Wine and other stains

We will beat all other prices, and will complete projects in a timely manner.

      Over 40 years of experience

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